“There is a contraction in both exports and domestic markets”

Joining the Bloomberg HT broadcast, Kom Chairman Ayşenur Cansız stated that this year did not start well, and there were not enough products because the supply chains were broken after the pandemic, and there was a shortage of products last year.

Stating that sales have increased before the feast, Cansız’s evaluations about the sector and the company are as follows:

We will be faced with a slightly different scenario this winter because there is a slight contraction in exports, and there is also a contraction in the domestic market. As the costs increase, we have to increase the prices and we anticipate that the purchase will also decrease. There is a recession in exports in Europe, so the number of exports has started to decrease.

“We are interested in the US market”

We are the only integrated facility in Turkey at the moment, from the yarn to the final product, so those who want to export are the first to knock on our door. We may also be interested in the American market for export, the Gulf Countries are an interesting market.

Product prices increased

Stating that the cost increase is mostly raw materials and labor, Cansız stated that when the product could not be found in the pandemic, the price of something that existed at that time was very high on the basis of foreign currency. On top of that, the workmanship increased, and this time it was not possible to keep the price in exports, Cansız said, “So now the foreign exchange will come to a point where it is rising, but we used to be happy that the foreign exchange rose, but now we will see how much it will affect exports because there is a recession in Europe.”

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