“There is a need for 1.5 million immigrants in Germany every year”

Monika Schnitzer, Head of the Council of Economic Experts of the German government and Lecturer at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, described the new skilled labor law as a step in the right direction, but noted that more was needed, adding, “For example, it does not discourage immigrants, but does not serve “We should not require foreign professionals to speak German for every job. Instead, we should ensure that employees of the foreigners’ office speak English.”

Schnitzer said, “Germany needs 1.5 million immigrants a year in order to have a new skilled workforce of 400,000 each year.” made its assessment.

Pointing out that Germany urgently needs a “welcome culture”, Schnitzer said, “We urgently need a hospitable culture. If Intel (US company) sets up a factory in Magdeburg and wants to attract foreign skilled workers, they need to feel welcome there. ‘ he said.

Schnitzer, who wants girls and women to be more acquainted with technical issues, said, “Because there is a shortage of qualified personnel in the mathematics, computing, natural sciences and technology professions. Companies also have to please their older employees so that they do not retire early. As research shows, job satisfaction It is an important factor in retention,” he said.

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