Toyota’s rechargeable hybrid car will be produced in Sakarya

The second generation new C-HR will be produced by Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey in Sakarya.

Consisting of hybrid and rechargeable versions, the new C-HR will be the first rechargeable hybrid car produced in Turkey. Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey will produce the rechargeable C-HR at its factory in Turkey for the first time in the world and will be the first factory to produce a rechargeable car among Toyota’s factories in Europe.

According to the statement made by Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey, the first battery production line in the Toyota Europe region will be established in Sakarya. The battery production line will support the production with an annual battery capacity of 75 thousand, and 60 employees who are experts in their field will be employed in addition.

The new C-HR is expected to make a significant contribution to Toyota’s goal of selling 1.5 million cars in Europe by 2025.

Investment will reach 2.3 billion euros

With the investment of 317 million euros for the new C-HR to be produced, the total investment amount of the company will reach 2.3 billion euros.

With the environmentally friendly new technology paint facility to be established with the project, Toyota Europe’s 2030 carbon neutral targets will be one step closer.

“The Sakarya factory is now a global actor”

In his statement on the subject, Erdogan Şahin, Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey General Manager and CEO, said, “This project confirms once again that our production facility in Sakarya, which is a part of Toyota’s global power, is one of the most important actors in the global sense.”

Toyota Motor Europe Senior Vice President of Production, Marvin Cooke, said in his statements on the subject: As before, the new C-HR will achieve great success with the performance and devoted work of Toyota Automotive Industry employees. In addition, Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey, with its first battery production in Europe, has assumed an important role in the electrification plan of Toyota Europe and this is a strategic turning point for us.

Average export rate is 85%

Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey, Toyota’s factory with the highest production volume in Europe, exported 185 thousand of the 220 thousand vehicles it produced in 2022 to more than 150 countries.

According to the statement, Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey has produced more than 3 million units and exported an average of 85% to date.

The production and export operations of the company, which is the second largest exporter in Turkey, continue at its facilities in Sakarya with 5 thousand 500 employees, 6 days a week, 3 shifts.

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