Transfer of Groupama Insurance to AXA is completed

AXA Turkey, which is one of the important players of the insurance ecosystem with a growth rate of 124.5 percent, premium production of 13.3 billion TL, a market share of 6.5 percent and a fund size of 2.4 billion TL as of the end of 2022, has more than 2 thousand 800 people across the country. It serves its customers with its agency and more than 800 employees.

AXA Türkiye, together with the acquisition Groupama Sigorta A.Ş. and Groupama Hayat A.Ş. will have the opportunity to work with more than 1,700 agencies, and will have added more than 300 employees to its talent pool.

Nuria Fernandez, General Manager of AXA Madrid International Hub, to which AXA Turkey is affiliated, said, “With the new distribution channels included in our network, we will increase our market share in our business lines and reach a very different dimension in our Turkey operation. We believe that we will achieve very successful projects together in the coming period.” used the phrases.

Yavuz Ölken, CEO of AXA Sigorta, made the following assessments on the subject:

“With our strong financial structure, creative solutions, and a data-based business approach that focuses on the customer-agent-employee equation, we have been a company that has been shaping the Turkish insurance industry so far. I see this beautiful development as a reward for the strength we derive from our deep-rooted history of more than 130 years and the fact that we manage the opportunities in our country well. We will become stronger with our new business partners and teammates, with whom we will walk together on this path, and we will go one step further than yesterday.”

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