Türk-İş President Atalay reiterated his demand for staff

Türk-İş Chairman Ergün Atalay, at the press conference held at Türk-İş headquarters, said that more than 700 thousand workers working in the public sector were on their agenda, and that there was an increase in wages.

Stating that they are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, Atalay stated that they will finalize the requests regarding the Public Collective Bargaining Agreement Framework Protocol and submit them to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security at the beginning of the week.

Expressing that the government and opposition have to protect labor against the capital, Atalay said, “We are 17 million workers in this country. Organized workers are 14 percent. In other words, 86 out of every 100 people are unorganized. This is not an acceptable picture.”

“Contracts should be finished before the election”

Underlining that severance pay is the “red line of unions”, Atalay stated that everyone except employers needs severance pay and organization.

Emphasizing that the legal regulation regarding the subcontracted workers should also be made and the subcontracted workers should be included in the staff, Atalay said, “Türk-İş’s request is that the subcontractor issue should be removed from the country’s agenda as soon as possible and this issue should be over.”

Expressing that they demanded the end of public contracts before entering the election area, Atalay continued as follows:

“We demand that temporary workers be recruited before the election date is announced. We demand that the entire population, the entire subcontractor workers, be removed from the country’s agenda without leaving anyone. We are bringing this issue to the agenda because we care about the subcontractor workers as much as this contract. We demand it to end. I see all subcontractors as my members, I try to bring their issues to the agenda.”

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