Twitter has blocked some content in Turkey

One day before the election in Turkey, it was decided to block some content from Twitter.

In a statement made by Twitter, it was stated that in accordance with the court decisions regarding the blocking of access to Twitter, and in order to keep Twitter open for use in Turkey, access to some content was blocked in Turkey.

In the statement, it was stated that the relevant account holders were informed about these transactions. It was also announced that blocked content will continue to be available in the rest of the world.

The social media regulation was published in the Official Gazette in April.

In the social media regulation that came into force in April, the reports prepared in Turkish, containing statistical and categorical information on social network providers with daily access of more than 1 million from Turkey, the implementation of the decisions to remove and/or block access to the content notified to them, and the applications to be made by individuals, are submitted to the BTK for 6 months. was obliged to report.

In the report, information on the technical infrastructure for the implementation of the decisions to remove content and/or blocking access, and the reception and evaluation of applications from individuals, and information on the qualifications and administrative capacity of the personnel to implement the decisions, detailed process information on the implementation period and manner and geographical scope of the decisions, the number of applications received from individuals, categorical and statistical information about the process, such as the type, positive or negative evaluation, response, reasons for the negative answers, the duration of the conclusion, the authority that made the decision and sent the decision regarding the decisions sent by the judicial or administrative authorities, the way the decision was sent, the type of the decision, the provision of the legislation on which the decision was based, There will be categorical statistical information such as the duration of the fulfillment of the decisions.

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