Twitter’s rivals rise under Musk influence


on Twitter Elon Musk’s waters due to his moves somehow does not stop. Musk Every major bug on the platform run by platforms to explore is directing.

Company, Musk’s After buying the social media platform, it was awash with resignations and mass layoffs. Musk’s Since the day it was purchased, access problems and various changes have been experienced on the social media platform.upsets users to different platforms. redirectyeast started.

As will be remembered weekend Twitter users, Musk’s After announcing a restriction on the number of tweets that can be read, users encounter service issuesmuskti.

TOFounded by ski Twitter employees And only a few weeks ago it became available as a closed betadespite the cost this weekend on Spill, more than 100,000 people new created an account.

on Twitter Musk’s user created by changes mtaking advantage of their dissatisfaction Spill CEO alphonzo Terrell“They tried to bury us but tThey didn’t know that we were the seeds” made a statement. SpillKeke Palmer and Ava DuVernay He was successful in persuading high-profile celebrities, including himself, to join the practice. This weekend, the of Roots iconic musician Questlove, Spill He tweeted promoting his profile.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey decentralized application funded by bluesky‘in had a great weekend. bluesky, Friday from approximately 184,000 users on Monday to approximately 238,000 users on Monday reached.

Post, a publisher-focused Twitter alternative, THe said daily active users have increased 4 times and new registrations have increased 10 times since Saturday, when witter users started experiencing speed limit problems. Companyfull user number of refused to share.

Mastodon in twitter‘of among its competitors manage to escapemoment One other socialget media platform. Muskbefore you buy Twitter of mastodon It had about 380,000 monthly active users. Open source unified platform within two months 2.5 million reached the number of active users.

Meta company, which includes Facebook and Instagram, was founded as a competitor to Twitter. threads of the platform Pthursday announced that it will be used on the same day.

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