UK: Russia applies a policy of fear in grain deal

Woodward held a press conference after Britain took over the Presidency of the UN Security Council (UNSC) from the United Arab Emirates.

Stating that other countries demand change, Woodward said, “Strong countries do not fulfill their responsibilities. We want to bring about change.” he said.

Pointing out that the UNSC needs to be reformed and enlarged, Woodward said that they support the inclusion of India, Brazil, Germany, Japan and African countries.

Noting that they will also bring artificial intelligence to the agenda of the UNSC, Woodward announced that British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly will chair the session.

Woodward stated that a meeting will be held on Ukraine as well, adding, “We will contribute to the knowledge of the facts about Russia’s war crimes in our presidency and we will make efforts for Russia to end the war.” made a statement.

Arguing that Russia abused its position at the UNSC, Woodward noted that they would act in coordination with other member states to use time efficiently.

“Russia carries out a policy of fear”

Woodward stated that the Black Sea Grain Agreement will expire on July 18 and that they support its continuation by stating that the initiative has made significant contributions.

Noting that the agreement was imprisoned by Russia, Woodward said, “Every time we come to the renewal period, we see that Russia implements a policy of fear. Russia carries out a policy of fear over the food on people’s plates.” made its assessment.

Woodward said he was “not sure” that the agreement would be renewed, adding that the UN had taken all necessary steps.

Regarding Russia’s promise to give free grain to African countries, Woodward said, “I don’t give much credit to this promise.” made a statement.

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