Ülker Holding/Ali Ülker: Profitability should not be the ultimate goal

Yıldız Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali Ülker participated as a speaker at the Uludağ Economy Summit organized under the title of “One World, Shared Future”. On Friday, April 28, “100. Speaking at the panel titled “Future Model for the Turkish Business World: Purpose-Oriented Leadership and Strategy” in 2018, Ali Ülker underlined that companies cannot exist in the new world with the old models, and stated that the new generations prefer a leadership that is open to destroying purpose-oriented companies and existing models and re-establishing them. Emphasizing that Yıldız Holding also acts with this understanding, Ali Ülker stated that profitability in the Holding and its subsidiaries is not the ultimate goal, but the main purpose is to contribute to the society.

“Companies should invest more in young people”

Stating that he focused on the Holding’s values ​​when he first took office as the Chairman of the Board of Yıldız Holding, Ali Ülker continued his words as follows: “The values ​​that carry Yıldız Holding to today are also the core values ​​that will carry us to the future. In addition, it is very important to be a company that is open to new values ​​and to be able to speak the same language with young people. We see that younger generations prefer companies that can ‘give back their earnings to the society’ for careers. Leadership is a bit of being able to put forward this vision and especially to unite young people around this vision and carry it to the future. I believe in the necessity of providing more opportunities to young people with our vision of ‘Investing in People’. As I express at every opportunity, invest in young people, in your team, invest in your own future. Knead the bright young university graduates as your own dough.”

“We see sustainability as the foundation of the way we do business”

Defining Yıldız Holding’s strategy as “sustainability” in one word, Ali Ülker stated that they approach this issue with a holistic approach and consider social benefit as their primary goal. Ali Ülker said, “We see sustainability as an integral part of our values ​​and the basis of our way of doing business. In line with the ‘wasteless company’ model that our founder Sabri Ülker inherited, we keep sustainability at the center of our business in all areas from finance to consumption, from production to supply chain, from stores to social responsibility. We take part in projects that support agriculture. We support women producers and suppliers. With our understanding of ‘Investing in People’, we contribute to the society with initiatives such as equal opportunities, digital trainings, internship and job opportunities for young people. We operate with an approach that creates value for all our stakeholders, puts Turkey at the center, but also targets global leadership.”

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