Unemployment double digits again in February

TURKSTAT, Labor Force Statistics, published February 2023 data.

Accordingly, the number of unemployed persons aged 15 and over increased by 65 thousand persons in February 2023 compared to the previous month and reached 3 million 514 thousand persons. Unemployment rate, on the other hand, increased by 0.2 percentage points to 10.0 percent. While the unemployment rate was 8.7 percent for men, it was estimated to be 12.6 percent for women.

The number of employed persons decreased by 361 thousand persons in February 2023 compared to the previous month and became 31 million 460 thousand persons, while the employment rate decreased by 0.6 points to 48.2 percent. While this rate was 65.0 percent for men, it was 31.8 percent for women.

The labor force decreased by 295 thousand people in February 2023 compared to the previous month and realized as 34 million 975 thousand people, while the labor force participation rate decreased by 0.5 percentage points to 53.6 percent. While the labor force participation rate was 71.2 percent for men, it was 36.4 percent for women.

The idle labor rate was 23.4 percent

The rate of idle labor force consisting of time-related underemployment, potential labor force and unemployed became 23.4 percent in February 2023 with an increase of 1.5 percentage points compared to the previous month. While the combined rate of time-related underemployment and the unemployed was 16.0 percent, the combined rate of the unemployed and potential workforce was estimated at 17.9 percent.

Youth unemployment is 19.2 percent

Unemployment rate among the young population covering the 15-24 age group became 19.2 percent with a 0.7 percentage point decrease compared to the previous month. Unemployment rate in this age group; It was estimated to be 15.4 percent in men and 26.2 percent in women.

Earthquake effects not reflected

In the statement made by the institution, it was stated that due to the earthquake disaster in the country, surveys could not be conducted in the provinces of Adıyaman, Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Kilis, Malatya and Osmaniye. In the statement, which was informed that the share of sample households in these provinces is 7.8 percent, the statement said, “The results in the February bulletin were calculated by weighting to give an estimate on the basis of Turkey, on the provinces where the survey could be carried out. Since the application could not be carried out in the specified provinces, the effect of the earthquake could not be reflected in the indicators and the progress It is planned to carry out studies on the measurement of the earthquake effect of the past periods with the start of the field application in the period.

The number of registered unemployed decreased

On the other hand, according to the March Statistical Bulletin announced by the General Directorate of the Turkish Employment Agency (Iskur), the number of registered unemployed decreased by 9.8 percent compared to February and was recorded as 2 million 589 thousand 629 people. 50.2% of the registered unemployed were men, 49.8% were women, and 24.5 percent were in the 15-24 age group. Registered unemployment data showed the sharpest decline in the last 3.5 years.

The annual decline in registered unemployment was 28.8 percent.

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