Ünlü Investment allocated 5 million funds for earthquake relief

In a statement to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), Ünlü Investment Holding announced that the company will allocate funds up to 5 million TL to earthquake victims.

The following statements were made in the statement made to KAP:

“Due to the big earthquake disaster that affected 10 provinces on 6 February 2023, direct and/or donations were made in line with the decision of our Board of Directors dated 13 February 2023 and numbered 2023/02 and the principle decision of the Capital Markets Board (CMB) dated 9 February 2023. A fund of up to 5 million TL has been set aside to provide in-kind and/or cash donations and aids to earthquake victims through legally authorized institutions and organizations to collect. Comprehensive information will be given to the shareholders at the 2022 ordinary general assembly meeting to be held about the amount and the donated party(s).

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