“We cannot reflect all cost increases to prices”

Expressing that they were very affected by the earthquake as the industry, NG Hotels Chief Executive Officer Gift Güral Gür stated that there were reservation cancellations after the earthquake and reservations came to a standstill.

Gift Güral Gür, who participated in the Bloomberg HT broadcast and made evaluations about the sector, stated that now there is movement due to the holiday. She stated that as an industry, they could not reflect all of the cost increases.

Increase expected

Güral Gür said, “Earthquake discourses need to be slowed down a bit more” and said, “There is a movement now with the approach of Bayram, and there is a movement in terms of foreign guests with the arrival of the summer season. With the gradual dissipation of this negative atmosphere, we expect an increase in bookings. But I say it again, these earthquake rhetoric needs to be softened,” he said.

“High cost increases”

Gift Güral Gür, who stated that they could not reflect all of our cost increases in prices, said, “The price increases in food and energy are certain, there is a cost we pay for promotional activities apart from the accommodation tax. A Tourism Development Agency was established by our Ministry and we give a share here. Because of all these, these costs are inevitably reflected in the prices. We, as the industry, experienced an increase of 80 percent in food, 70 percent in beverages, and 180 percent in energy costs,” he said.

Güral Gür, who expressed his condolences for the citizens lost in the earthquake and wishing a speedy recovery to the injured, said, “As TUROB, we also support other aid projects of TOBB, Kızılay and AFAD.”

promotional attack

Expressing that they will continue their promotional activities and that they are planning a trip to America at the beginning of next May, Gural Gür said that it is also important to increase the income per tourist.

Stating that the drawings of the new project in Bodrum have been made and the construction has started, Güral Gür added that they aim to complete a project consisting of villas for the season of 2024.

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