“We may struggle with high inflation in Turkey” – Bloomberg HT

Peninsula Istanbul General Manager Jonathan Crook made evaluations about the new era in tourism and the earthquake disaster in the country in the Bloomberg HT broadcast he attended.

Noting that the pandemic has almost restarted the tourism sector, Crook said, “There is global inflation, and inflation is quite high in Turkey. High inflation also affects the production and supply chain a lot. Naturally, it also affected the service sector and the job resource. Of course, prices increased. Global pressures led to price increases. causes, but I think there will be stabilization in prices in the near term, that is, there will be a stabilization.

It is difficult for us to balance our costs, especially in Turkey, with high inflation, we may have a little difficulty,” he said.

Galataport is the second in Europe

Stating that they opened the second hotel in Europe together with Istanbul, Crook said, “Istanbul is an important city and acts as a bridge. ‘ he said.

Noting that it is important for them that Turkey is a growing market, Crook said that they have provided more than 700 jobs here, and that they want to be a part of the society and to be a part of international tourism as well.

$5 million donation

We were actually going to open the hotel on February 6, but when the earthquake happened, we postponed the opening. Those affected by our employees were those who lost their families. Then we started a project called “Hope for Turkey”. We donated 10 euros for every occupied room in our hotels around the world and raised 5 million dollars. We want to use it to contribute to the rebuilding of society. We can open a school or do other things with it. We are thinking about how we can help that region more.

11 hotels worldwide

Peninsula is the oldest luxury family owned hotel chain in the world. Stating that he has a second hotel in Europe with the hotel he opened in Galaport, which became much more popular after its opening in Hong Kong in 1928, Crook said, “Currently, we have 11 hotels around the world. We spend a lot of time investing while making our investments and choosing locations. and the family prefer to make long-term investments,” he said.

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