Which investment tool yielded what?

BIST 100 index in Borsa Istanbul finished the week with a loss of 6.13 percent at 4,501.73 points.

The index saw the lowest point of 4,405.99 and the highest point of 4,700.01 during the week.

In the same period, Borsa Istanbul Financial Index decreased by 10.84 percent to 4,301.10 points, Services Index decreased by 3.27 percent to 3,903.57 points, Industry Index gained 0.59 percent to 7,363.78 points, Technology Index increased by 2.68 percent to 4,341. increased to .90 points.

Alfa Solar Energy is the most premium stock

Among the stocks included in the BIST 100 index in Borsa Istanbul, Alfa Solar Energy was the highest rising 31.14 percent this week. Kiler Holding followed Alfa Solar Energy with 29.28 percent and Pacific Real Estate Investment Trust with 22.27 percent.

Among these shares, the ones that lost the most value were İşbank (C) with 15.91 percent, Anadolu Efes Biracılık with 13.35 percent, and Yapı Kredi with 13.25 percent.

The most valuable companies whose shares are traded in Borsa Istanbul are Sasa Polyester with 228 billion 301 million liras, Koç Holding with 197 billion 800 million liras and Ford Otomotiv Sanayi with 189 billion 526 million liras.

Gold and the stock market fell

The selling price of 24-carat gold bullion per gram decreased by 1.66 percent this week to 1,246 liras, and the selling price of Cumhuriyet gold decreased to 8,348 liras with a loss of 1.65 percent.

The selling price of the dollar increased by 1.04 percent to 19.7910 lira, and the selling price of the euro increased by 0.07 percent to 21.3430 lira.

The selling price of the British pound, which was 27,3250 liras last week, decreased by 6.83 percent this week to 25,4580 liras.

The Swiss franc, on the other hand, lost 7.10 percent compared to the previous week and found buyers at 22.6690 liras.

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