Why did Bitcoin miss the “inflation rally”?

As Bitcoin missed a rally in global markets triggered by falling US inflation, this has resulted in a cautious approach to the digital asset’s outlook.

Inflation expectations in US markets under As the Fed’s monetary tightening came to an end, rising pricing caused stocks and bonds to rise, while the largest digital asset lost 0.7 percent compared to the previous day.

Bitocin followed a flat course this month after the sharp rise it experienced in June, after Blackrock, one of the largest companies in the investment market, started for an exchange-traded fund to invest in digital assets in the spot market.

Investors are assessing whether Bitcoin still has room to rally for the next period after its 83 percent rise this year.

Tony Sycamore, Market Analyst at IG Australi, said, “Bitcoin has been the asset left out of the pervasive risk-seeking that has occurred in almost every asset class after the US inflation data. In my opinion, this is not a good sign.”

Sycamore stated that the probability of a drop to $25,000-26k, which is roughly the 200-day moving average region, is increasing.

The claim that the Bitcoins seized by the USA will be sold

On the other hand, crypto analysts evaluated the quiet performance of the digital asset after the inflation data, noting that among the possible reasons for this could be speculation that the US may be ready to sell some of the seized Bitcoin.

“The disinflationary environment that has emerged in the wake of relatively aggressive rate hikes should be good for risky assets, including crypto,” said John Toro, Head of Commerce, digital asset exchange Independent Reserve. However, rumors that Bitcoin seized by the US are circulating, which has led some to point out that these assets are at risk of being sold, have damaged confidence in the market.”

Inflation in the US fell to a two-year low of 3 percent on Wednesday, supporting increases of more than 1 percent in global equities, bond gauges, gold and oil.

The dollar index also saw the lowest level in 15 months.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lost ground

Bitcoin and the indicator of 100 digital assets have lost ground in contrast to the apparent mood experienced in other asset classes. Some forecasters think it’s only a matter of time before the biggest digital asset starts to partially recover from the 2022 slump.

“In the medium term, we think lower US inflation and lower Fed rate hike pricing are required for digital asset markets to find widespread support,” crypto funder Grayscale Investments wrote in a past note.

The company noted that investor appetite may increase for riskier crypto assets, noting that Bitcoin dominance may decrease in the $ 1.2 trillion cryptocurrency market.

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