YEKDEM cost revised by EMRA

The decision of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) on the subject was published in the Official Gazette.

Accordingly, within the scope of the relevant articles of the Regulation on Certification and Support of Renewable Energy Resources, the estimated cost of YEKDEM per unit of energy supplied for July and later this year has been revised.

The aforementioned cost envisaged for July is 186 liras 33 cents per megawatt hour, 143 liras 58 cents for August, 196 liras 97 cents for September, 220 liras 22 cents for October, 205 liras 80 cents for November, and 159 liras 91 cents for December. determined.

EMRA’s Safety Analysis and Test Procedures and Principles for Industrial Control Systems Used in the Energy Sector were published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

Accordingly, security vulnerabilities that may cause unauthorized access or access to sensitive information and disruption of system continuity in industrial control systems used in the energy system will be identified and resolved.

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