“You can’t find a place under 150 euros in Cappadocia”

Ömer Tosun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Indigo Group, who said that the tourism sector survived a major crisis after the pandemic and that tourism is now recovering, made evaluations about the tourism sector in the Bloomberg HT broadcast he attended.

Stating that the coastal areas are going well, Tosun said, “There is a war between Russia and Ukraine, but according to the information we received, the summer period seems to be going well, and we anticipate that it will be better than last year.”

Underlining that they had a very busy year as The Museum Hotel, Tosun’s points are summarized as follows;

“Cappadocia is one of the rarest regions in the world. I am also the President of the Cappadocia Tourism and Investors Association. For example, an American or a Brazilian, a Chinese does not come to the beach, but we welcome tourists from different countries of the world like they come to us.

For example, in Antalya tourism, we are talking about a daily tourism of 100 dollars, but in Cappadocia, it is not possible for our guests to spend less than 1000 dollars per day, including accommodation. If you are going to stay at the hotel with us, 150 euros under You can’t find a place, we sell a room for 3 thousand 500 euros, you get on the balloon, you pay 300 dollars, and this provides input to our country. In other words, what is the contribution of our region to the country’s tourism, how does it contribute, and we want to set an example for Cappadocia tourism and distribute it to other regions of our country.

This is what we call diversification of tourism. We want to market our country to a higher level.

In fact, there are now expensive all-inclusive examples, and these need to be developed further.

“We are building a luxury thermal hotel in Cappadocia”

We, as Indigo Group, have been trying to extract thermal waters that are not in Cappadocia for 15 years and we did. Now we want to establish luxury thermal health tourism facilities in Cappadocia. We are already establishing one, we are establishing a facility on 160 thousand square meters, we are building 100 villas in it, there will be a Spa, luxury restaurants, a 2500 square meter lagoon. And we will put a fully equipped health center. People who come will both see Cappadocia and meet their health needs.

“We started balloon tourism”

I started balloon tourism in Cappadocia with two balloons, and now there are 220 balloons and another image of Turkey in tourism was born, that is, it became one of the most used items in marketing.
As a company, we have geothermal and hotel investments, we are looking for oil and natural gas, and we hope to give good news to our country. We also make the search between Aksaray and Cappadocia region.

Geothermal investments in the Southeast Region

I went to Eastern Anatolia last week and in Bingöl, there is water, there is a place, our people are magnificent, there is paradise, everything, but there are no investors yet.

Money is very expensive right now. As hotel investors, we definitely need to find partners. We all know about loan interest, so it is very expensive based on foreign currency. Therefore, the state should at least prioritize the land allocations, that is, it should pave the way, and this is the biggest support to be given to the investor. When we solve this, the investor comes.

Cappadocia’s airport also needs to be overhauled because the first issue is transportation. The current airport does not suit there at all. We are restoring the Göreme Open Air Museum and a very good project is being prepared. We are replanting and revealing the Pasha Vineyards right now. We will restore one of the most important churches in the world, St. George and the Village where it is located, and reveal it in a beautiful way.

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